What’s going on at Area 51?

Greg Ericson of Free Press International has kindly given his permission to publish the following article on The WHY? Files.

Just what is going on at Area 51?

The boys at Area 51 have been very busy over the years. The area in and around '51' is teeming with roads, facilities, and much more.

Google Earth: 37 14'18.13" N 115 48'48.96" W

It's difficult to know what's actually going on in 51 and Nevada but I will try to explain. There are facilities that are blacked out all around 51. There all also huge sections of Nevada where the terrain is very blurry. It's my guess, the government is letting us see what they want us to see and either blacking out or blurring what they DON'T want us to see.

Here is a list of what I've found so far:

1. A six point star east north east of 51.

Google Earth: 37 24'05.28" N 116 52'04.37" W


2. What looks to be railroad cars entering an underground tunnel. It's just north of the 6 pointed star.

Google Earth: 37 25'13.21" N 116 51'58.20" W


3. The atomic testing area southwest of 51. Many interesting features.

Google Earth: 37 06'01.90" N 116 02'09.01" W


4. An aircraft parked on a dirt road, next to what may be an underground opening or a possible vent.

Google Earth: 37 34'59.05" N 116 54'39.81" W


5. There are several triangles with targets inside them, with no crater marks. Are these for space based satellites?

Google Earth: 37 39'54.62" N 116 01'31.72" W


6. A cross hair embedded in the earth, is clearly visible.

Google Earth: 37 33'49.91" N 116 51'04.15 W


7. There are many hidden facilities in the region and at least 3 airports.


8. An almost perfect octagon.

Google Earth: 36 38'02.90 N 115 26'12.18 W

Some of the lines cut across mountain ranges in an almost perfect straight line.

You can put the grid references provided with each image in to Google Earth and see these amazing images for yourself... If you find any more then please e-mail them to the webmaster so we can add them to this page...

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Just how secret do they want to be at Area 51.?This recent photo(Sept, 2005) shows the erection of a "Privacy Fence" around Hanger 19!

Area51 fence

Gary at http://www.lazygranch.com/drt.htm (which documents the construction of the building)  has kindly allowed us to use the photo.



A highly unusual map released by the U.S. Defense Mapping Agency showing Area 51.

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Unusual Map of Area 51

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